Corporate Services Review

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Case Study Overview: The client is an earth-moving, haulage and transport company with an annual turnover of $80-$100m. The project engagement length was 1 month with an extension of 6 months for ongoing support.

Project Trigger: Based on conversation with management, it became evident that there was a current requirement to improve the contractor’s current internal operations particularly in the two core business functions of human resources and finance as well as assessing other areas that can be improved.

Scope of work: We developed a scope of work that provided clear outcomes in assessing gaps in capability and capacity within finance and human resources. However, we also provided recommendations across other business functions and services where we believe there was significant opportunities for improvement and provided further assistance.

  • Developed a high level view of the target state and potential for growth across the three businesses;
  • Delivered a current state business operation, identifying high-level opportunities for improvement;
  • Delivered a complete review of the finance function and provided compressive recommendations;
  • Delivered a complete review of human resources function and provided further recommendations;
  • Provided recommendations on additional business functions where it is believed there was potential opportunities.

Review Outcomes: Our review identified a number of high priority issues across the key core business functions. To ensure these issues were addressed we developed a 90-day action plan that aimed to eliminate these problem areas.  The 90-day action plan aimed to (1) assist the client to get back in line with end of month and audit reporting, (2) provide clear and precise recommendations to continually deliver accurate progress reporting, and (3) allow the client to deliver accurate forecasts across the key business functions.

So what was the real value?

From working hand in hand with the client over a 1-month period and ongoing support for an extra 6 months allowed Active Directions to lead the client from not being able to implement and receive accurate financial reporting and forecasting to a point which the executives had up to date reporting and standardised end of month processes implemented, which has greatly increased the productivity and efficiency of the client’s overall operations.  Our exit coincided with the search for a new financial controller, and search for new business acquisitions.

Our case studies are developed with our Partners (accounting, investment and other advisory firms) in mind. We hope our Partners, and their frontline staff, may use the case study to open up new conversations with their clients.

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