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Case Study Overview: The client is a Local Government Council, with over 1000 staff supporting over 350,000 residents. The project engagement length was 3 months.

Project Trigger: Our client was a large local government, with an estimated resident population in excess of 350,000. The Council is expecting a further 25 years of sustained growth to a total population of over 500,000 residents.  The City currently consists of over 40 suburbs, with distinct socio-economic diversity between long established residential areas, including disadvantaged urban areas, and new residential developments with very different needs and expectations.  The Council needed to understand the external pressures of growth and to establish a clear, sustainable strategy for developing a future-proof organisation.

Scope of work: The Council needed to understand what the organisation would look  like in the longer term so that decisions made now would best serve community future needs and deliver appropriate customer service functions. The project included assessing the nature and needs of the organisation at the point when the City would be totally developed and have a population of over 500,000.

Active Directions, with our Partner, assisted the Council to develop a strategy for the future organisational model and physical location of the main staff centres and business hubs to serve the future population.

Review Outcomes

The report delivered the following:

  1. A model for major staff and service locations, including the Administration Centre, main customer service pointsand works depots.
  2. Recommendations to secure the necessary property locations to meet current and future community needs.
  3. Extensive insights into the advantages and disadvantages of centralized and decentralized organizational models, taking into consideration culture, harmony and efficiency, and service delivery to the community, including to different areas and target groups.
  4. Broad costs and benefits to shape and locate the organisation in keeping with the proposed strategy and population growth.

So what was the real value?

Insight into future customer requirements and service delivery models in a growing local council area so that long-term planning can be considered and costed in strategic planning cycles.   The report ultimately contributed to submissions related to the State Government’s ‘Fit for the Future’ assessments.

Our case studies are developed with our Partners (accounting, investment and other advisory firms) in mind. We hope our Partners, and their frontline staff, may use the case study to open up new conversations with their clients.

Thank you for reading this far! For more on how we work with our Partners, just email jim@activedirections.com.au.

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