Sales Function Review

Client:  A significant brand in the corporate and personal travel services sector. ​

Project: $150-$200 million in turnover​

Project Trigger: As the process kicked off for the National Head of Sales, management decided to conduct a sales function review in parallel. The aim was to help the new Head of Sales hit the ground running from day one.  ​

Our Scope

The scope of the project included:

  • Sales Process: We explored the customer buying cycle
  • Structure and Incentives: We assessed the team structure, capacity and capability and incentive program
  • Sales Tools and System: We looked at how business may best support the sales team with effective tools

Project Outcomes

  • A target customer sales cycle with new a focus on annual sales planning and improved on-boarding of new customers 
  • Incentive plan options that consider greater risk/reward scenarios, clearer KPIs, and business affordability 
  • A new structure to promote regional teams, entry into new markets, and more investment in channels.
  • Recommended improvements for the use of sales tools with a focus on managing fewer, but more insightful sales data points.

Our Values

Working alongside, an executive search process enabled both the search and the review process to share insights and ultimately deliver a better outcome for the client.   

  • The new Head of Sales started from day one with our independent review already completed 
  • Executive teams support is required and the ability to spend more time to focused on customers at a critical stage of the year sale.  
  • The next step is to develop a new sales and marketing strategy.

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