Strategy & Growth

Delivery of Modern Slavery Risk Assessment​


Client:  Multinational Insurance Company operating in approximately 31 countries and employing 14,000 people. ​ Project: Active Directions managed the delivery of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment. ​ Project Trigger: The Global Compliance Team endorsed the delivery of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment for disclosure to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. ​ Our Scope​ The scope of the project included: ​ Ensure compliance with

Fundraising & Strategy Workshop


Client:  Aboriginal NFP supporting communities through creativity, language, and literacy Project: Funding and Positioning Workshop Project Trigger: Active Direction’s Community Capacity Building Project 2019 Our Scope The project focused on identifying ways to engage stakeholder groups with a view to increasing future funding opportunities and consider how the NFP may strengthen its positioning within the existing Australian NFP

Strategic Planning for Emergency Services

Client: Global Emergency Services NFP Project: Strategic Plan Project Trigger: The organisation had grown quickly over 100 teams operating across Oceania, North America, United Kingdom, and Europe and a clear strategy was required for all regions, staff and volunteers to support and drive.  Our Scope The objective was to develop an integrated global five-year strategic plan.  Active Directions conducted

Service Pricing Analysis

Client: An organisation that maintains a database of certified suppliers as a subscription service for paying public and commercial sector clients. ​ Project: Analysing existing member composition, sales and search data to determine pricing levels for a new database access subscription service. ​ Project Trigger: The organisation had developed a new service that allowed members

Global Strategy Alignment

Client: A diversified global portfolio of profit-for-purpose and not-for-profit organisations.   Project: Developing and facilitating a series of global and regional workshops to align the strategy of the various member organisations, and to facilitate opportunities to collaborate, resolve conflicts. ​ Project Trigger:  A newly established corporate head-office and global strategy highlighted the requirement for regular alignment

Strategy Planning and Financial Modelling

Client: A global construction tools and equipment company​ Project: Strategy planning, financial modelling to establish five-year revenue and profitability forecasts; building budgets across products, channels and regions in accordance with target. ​ Project Trigger: With recent expansion to new regions, shareholders wanted to establish an agreed direction to achieve significant growth over five years with a view to both exit

Endowment Fund Development


Client:  A global community with a strong focus on education and welfare. The client operates a number of community schools across 15 countries. ​ Client Size: Over 5,000 different individual and business investors. ​ Project Trigger: Changes in government school funding and changing market conditions in different regions globally required the client to develop an endowment fund that would future-proof school funding. Our

Finance Function Improvement for Civil Construction


Case Study Overview: This case study demonstrates our experience with earth moving, plant hire, and related services.  While it includes some forecasting and analysis it highlights our understanding of the complexity of management accounts and forecasting in mining services, civil construction and plant hire industries, particularly in regard to accounting for fixed plant, leased assets and

Strategy for Not-For-Profit


Case Study Overview: The client is an international, not-for-profit, student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in Engineering, Science and Technology through fun and educational initiatives aimed at students in primary and secondary school.   The mission is delivered through a number of local chapters that provide school visits and student workshops, as well as